Questions and answers
How quickly do you close vacancies?

Average time for us to close the vacancy is 18 days. But it depends on the vacancy itself - programmer can be found in 3 days, technical director in 6 months.


The more detailed feedback we get, the sooner we close the vacancy.

How do you test the candidates?

We will interview each candidate. After all we will send you a report, which indicates the strengths and weaknesses. We will also carefully collect references from candidate’s previous jobs.


We do not conduct security checks, there is no lie detector and other terrible things.

How do you select candidates for competing companies?

If we work with several competing companies, we do not hunt candidates from one company to another. We also do not entice employees who were previously employed by themselves.


This is spelled out in contracts with our customers. We are interested in the long-term cooperation, so observe this rule strictly.

Than why you are better than our HR-department?

We have nothing against corporate HR-departments. But if they are soldiers, then we are a rapid reaction unit.


We can quickly close those vacancies that HR-department can not handle. We can find a thousand of candidates and quickly select the best ones. This is beyond the power of ordinary HR-departments.


We are able to work in parallel with the staff service and other agencies. If our candidates cross with them, we do not claim them.

What makes you different from other agencies?

We specialize in IT-vacancies for 9 years. We work in various industries: finteh, games, product and mobile development, science, system integrators etc.



We really hunt for suitable candidates. Recruitment for us is active sourcing, communication with professionals, data collection.

Where do you find candidates?

First of all, we look up for them in our own database - there is more than 130 thousand candidates in it. We also take in consideration various social networks, professional communities and job search sites. We are proud of the developed network of acquaintances and recommendations.

We also attend profile conferences and meet ups, where we get acquainted with It specialists and fill up our databases with new contact. We are able to attract specialists from their current place of work.